You’ve thought about every aspect of your event. You’ve set your goals, organised the team, set a date, promoted your event, established partnerships & sponsors and defined a budget. But what about guests check-in on arrival? After all, as an event organiser, creating a good first impression and delivering an amazing experience to your participants is an excellent measure of your success!

No one enjoys waiting in lines (apart from the British?!) Consequently, you want the check-in process to be seamless and smooth. That’s the reason why smart event planners are moving away from paperwork and choosing technology solutions to help them offer a better experience to attendees. The Next Web wrote a whole blog post about “How to keep 10,000 people happy” where they share their experience with participant’s registration and check-in. Go check it out!

There are plenty of software solutions out there that can help you with the check-in process at your event. However only a few can make it perfect and flawless. Bearing this in mind, we have gathered the essential features every check-in app should have to arm you with information that will allow you to choose a solution that best suits your needs.

 VIP Alerts

The big day has arrived and your guests have started to arrive. There are a lot of people to manage and it’s time to network with your guests and speakers. How do you know when that important guest has arrived? A good event check-in app will allow you to receive notifications or alerts when specific attendees arrive at the event so you or your team can make sure to give them the special attention they deserve.

 Register and check-in walk-ins instantly

There are things about events that can be unpredictable and unexpected guests are one of them. You need to be prepared to accommodate them. Search for an application that will allow you to register new attendees and check-in walk-ins immediately on the day, as they arrive.

 Real time reports and sync

Real time data is really important as you can rapidly check all the guests that have arrived to your event, speakers that haven’t arrived yet, VIP’s that you are soon expecting and so on. The data should be updated in real-time and synced between all check-in devices.

 Easy Guest List Management

The app you choose should let you add new people to your list, update guest information (and sync it in real-time), create customised reports to better suit your needs.


After analysing the essential features every check-in solution should offer, it’s important to think about implementation. The tool should be easy to install, implement and upload your guest list to. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the supplier about support and onboarding which is another important element when selecting your tool!


There are plenty of onsite check-in solutions on the market ready for you to choose. However, it’s important to do a bit of research about the tools available on the market and to distinguish what the relevant features are that you need before investing. Overall the check-in app must allow you to reduce waiting time on queues, bring a more professional ambience to your event and also allow you to spend more time interacting with your guests.

Azavista’s Onsite Solution

We offer a set of professional, powerful and integrated onsite tools so that you can deliver an outstanding experience for each one of your attendees. The combination of our check-in app, barcode scanners and badge printers are easy to use and set up and will allow you to be more efficient, productive and will also increase the quality of your events. Check here for more details about our check-in app and onsite badge printing solutions.