WordCamp Europe 2019

WordCamp Europe is the biggest WordCamp Conference in Europe, connecting people across the continent as well as the rest of the world.


WordCamp Events consist of two parts: The first part is the conference, where speakers from all over the world talk about all things concerning WordPress. The second part of WordCamp is the “Contributor Day”, where participants work on certain aspects of the WordPress ecosystem like translation, discussions of planned features and future technologies.

Usually, these events are done at a regional level: Local communities come together and are somewhere between the size of 50 to 350 participants. However, WordCamp Europe is a bit different since it’s more global: All of the European WordPress community comes together!

During the 2019 conference in Berlin, we provided our Onsite Check-In and Badge Printing solution. When the participants were arriving at the event, the onsite team was prepared to check-in each one of them in a matter of seconds. With our technology, we made sure that no one ended up waiting in line to enter the conference. 



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