All-in-One Event Planning Tools - 4 Major Benefits

May 19, 20233 min read

There are many global software organisations, offering end-to-end event management solutions. Many event technology companies who started with selling event registration software, have evolved into an all-in-one event planning platform. Due to this rapid evolution, planners now have everything they need at their fingertips to run smooth and successful events.

Technology helps event planners to optimise event efforts, while providing outstanding attendee experience through increased efficiency and seamless event execution. Offering a complete tool stack for the management of in-person, hybrid and virtual events comes with many benefits for data-driven event planners.

1. Clear Event ROI For Every Business Size

Modern day event planners work with tight deadlines and specific ROI goals. An end-to-end planning solution ensures a tool stack that covers all business necessities and allows you to generate multi-level ROI reports for your event marketing campaigns, participant registration management and stakeholder reporting.

2. Mix & Match Modules

Invest in the features you need, without paying for those deemed unnecessary. Always look for3 a platform that offers you to pick those modules within the toolstack that fit most closely with your organization’s needs. Customize your experience by creating automated workflows for all your registration processes, participant check-in’s and management, post-event reporting & whatever you need in between.

3. Serious Data Management And Security

The bigger the platform, the better the security. Okay, we agree that this is (unfortunately) not always the case. But as a rule of thumb you could say that larger platforms that process a lot of data, are more likely to ensure excellent care when it comes to their data security. Whether it’s GDPR regulations, SOC-certification or ISO compliance, an all-in-one platform should be able to provide accurate documentation supporting these requirements. This will definitely abridge the final procurement processes.

4. Unlimited Integrations

Having all your data and automated processes consolidated in one central place is key for event planners’ efficiency and long-term success. However, this does not mean that you need to say bye-bye to your current business applications or legacy software just yet. Because you’re choosing a more extensive software product, chances are that it offers a broad range of integration possibilities.

No matter your business size, you should actively look for solutions that offer 3rd party integrations that seamlessly connect with your existing and crucial business applications and tools. Inclusive and user-friendly solutions should offer an easy-to-use Integration Module, allowing you to quickly set up integrations through API keys or available web-hooks ensuring safe, cross-platform data processing.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

An all-in-one event platform will be used by multiple company profiles, ranging from people for the marketing team to external stakeholders. Keep in mind that not everybody will be equally tech-savvy. Whatever platform you decide to invest in, make sure it is intuitive and easy to understand through all business layers.

One very important feature that gets overlooked surprisingly often, is a specialised Event CRM. There are many reasons as to why this is one of the most crucial parts in creating a 360 degree overview of how your events are performing. A well-built event management platform consolidates all important participant data in a [secure Event CRM], safeguarding personal and corporate information.

Lastly, humans need technology as much as technology needs humans. One benefit that we have not mentioned yet, is the customer support that comes with investing in an enterprise event management solution. Many smaller SaaS event applications offer packages with basic self-support, leaving you in the dark about certain functionalities and features. A good customer success manager that understands your proposition can be of tremendous value in creating profitable events.