Program, Session, and Track Management

Easily create, manage, and schedule engaging activities with our event program management solution. Customize your event with workshops, seminars, meetings, and more. Allow real-time updates and participant registration to ensure maximum engagement.

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Build Your Event Program And Schedule


Updates and Insights

The module enables organizers to make real-time updates to the program. Gain a more accurate picture of how everything went, and what you can improve for your next event.


Popular Sessions

See which sponsors, speakers and sessions are the most popular to have a better idea of how you should plan your next event


Event Management

Manage and schedule a variety of event activities, including workshops, seminars, and meetings, with real-time updates and personalized participant experience.


Attendee experience

Attendees can select the sessions that align with their interests or needs, resulting in a more personalized event experience.


Feature that you'll love!

Go beyond participant’s expectations and create different types of activities to entertain, inform, engage and connect.

Registration management

Give your attendees a personalized experience by offering exclusive participation options and track popularity of each session.

  • Option for exclusive participation by some attendees
  • View participation and track popularity for easy management
  • Syncs with the registration module for easy management
Registration management-Azavista

Event agenda planning

Effortlessly manage and schedule activities to ensure maximum participation and engagement from your attendees.

  • Manage event activities to suit your needs with customizable options
  • Create and schedule meetings, workshops, and training sessions
  • Determine capacity, invite speakers, and set dates and times
  • Customizable fields for each track and activity
Event agenda planning-Azavista

Multi-track, digital agenda builder

Effortlessly promote and showcase your event across multiple platforms with our stunning web and mobile agenda builder.

  • Upload your agenda spreadsheet to create a stunning web and mobile agenda
  • Sync your agenda across different websites and the Azavista app
  • Import agenda and promote it throughout the platform
  • Customise your agenda into a branded experience consistent across your event site and your event app.
Multi-track, digital agenda builder-Azavista

Personal Agendas

Empower your attendees to plan their own event experience and ensure maximum engagement with personalized agendas.

  • Create personalized agendas for each participant
  • Announce event sessions to participants and allow them to register for their preferred or required sessions
Personal Agendas-Azavista

Waiting lists and capacity management

Configure your event registration to set a constraint on the number of participants per session in order to effectively manage the session capacity.

  • Constraint on the number of participants per session
  • Automatic stop for additional registrations
  • Increase your room capacity for popular sessions
Waiting lists and capacity management-Azavista

Feedback Gathering

Utilize session rating, polls, social sharing, attendee personal schedule, and many other features, to drive attendee engagement directly from within the event agenda.

Speakers and activities ratings Sharing across multiple social media platforms

Feedback Gathering-Azavista

Plus Many More Features

Dowloadable Material

Add session attachments and downloadable materials to boost attendee interaction

Tag each program item

Tag each program item with one or more tracks or themes to assist users in finding program items that interest them

Special Requirements

List special requirements and extra information for each program item such as description, equipment needed and similar

Private Notes

Use private notes for the conference organizing staff to streamline activities

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