Inbuilt CRM for your event!

Streamline contact management with our event CRM. Access communication history and customize it for your organization's specific needs. Seamlessly integrate with third-party systems to save time and money. Try it now!

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Get an inbuilt CRM for all your needs!


CRM Control

Keep track of contacts and organizations, add to CRM with ease, and enhance conversions.


Contact Management

Qualify and nurture new contacts, save time with clear previews, and export data effortlessly.



Integrate third-party data, sync with popular CRMs, and enhance contacts.


Marketing Solutions

Use CRM independently, leverage features for sales, and create targeted campaigns.


Features that you'll love!

Effortlessly Manage Contacts and Build Strong Relationships with our Event CRM

Organizations and Contacts

Take control of everything related to your contacts and organizations, even the smallest details. Easily add them to your CRM, edit their information, and access all relevant details. With Azavista, you'll have the necessary tools to enhance their experience and drive conversions.

  • Keep track of contact and organization details
  • Add them to your CRM with ease
  • Enhance their experience and drive conversions
Organizations and Contacts-Azavista

Efficient Contact Management

Save valuable time by qualifying and nurturing new and existing contacts with our CRM solution. With a clear preview of your contacts, you can find specific information using our search and filter box. Plus, export your contact data without complications!

  • Qualify and nurture new contacts
  • Save time with clear contact previews
  • Export contact data with ease
Efficient Contact Management=Azavista

Powerful Integrations

Integrate data from third-party tools into our robust platform for the best of both worlds experience. Sync the most widely used CRMs on the market, like Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Microsoft Dynamics, to enhance your contact's experience directly from our platform.

  • Integrate data from third-party tools
  • Sync with widely-used CRMs
  • Enhance the contact experience
Powerful Integrations-Azavista

Automate Marketing and Sales

Use our CRM solution independently of your events to take advantage of all its features in other areas of your organization, like marketing and sales. Use our module for marketing campaigns that aren't connected to a specific event.

  • Use CRM solution independently of events
  • Leverage CRM features for marketing and sales
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns
Automate Marketing and Sales-Azavista

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