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Expand your brand awareness by targeting and connecting with the right participants, at the right time. Azavista enables event planners to market their events and run effective email marketing campaigns to promote them.

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Convert leads into Clients



Customized event promotion allows event organizers to personalize communication and marketing efforts for each participant, resulting in better engagement and higher conversion rates.



Get a clear understanding of the impact and success of their email campaigns, allowing them to optimize event organisers marketing efforts and improve their overall event strategy.


Brand Identity

Consistent and in-brand communication helps event organizers deliver a clear and consistent brand identity across channels, improving brand recognition and trust, resulting in a better ROI.



The powerful yet simple email builder saves event organizers time and effort by providing an easy way to create and manage professional email marketing campaigns, resulting in a more streamlined event management process.


Feature that you'll love!

Gain Exposure, Attract High-Quality Participants And Keep Communication On Track

Customised Event Promotion

Utilize all of the information gathered for each participant to run Outstanding Email Marketing Campaigns.

  • Personalize your communication and marketing efforts, with custom fields or auto-populated event and attendee information
  • Fully integrated with our event management solution. Easy way to create and manage professional email marketing campaigns
Customised Event Promotion-Azavista

Powerful yet simple email builder

Design beautiful emails with our easy-to-use email builder

  • Easy drag & drop functionality
  • Design responsive email templates and use them across multiple events, across all devices
Powerful yet simple email builder-Azavista

Micro Segmentation and Hyper Targeting

Ensure the right users get the right information at right time, just when they need it.

  • Advance segmention by the audience, time of sending, and many other fields
  • Schedule your email campaigns when you believe receivers will best respond to it
Micro Segmentation and Hyper Targeting-Azavista

Valuable marketing campaign insights

Know the exact impact and uncover the success of your email campaigns

  • Tracking the metrics that are most important for your campaign and overall event strategy
  • Keep track of event target and KPIs to make event successful
Valuable marketing campaign insights-Azavista

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