Event Planning How to Use Creative Promotional Products at Your Event

May 22, 20234 min read

Promotional products are a great way to promote your brand and your message to potential and current products. There are many methods and ways that they can be utilized to reach new customers and to maintain contact with current customers. There are also several benefits associated with the use of these products.

Promotional products work well when they are utilized correctly. You want to create creative promotional products that your customers will remember. Creative promotional products are able to help customers relate to your brand on another level, while fully understanding what it is all about. There are many ways to reap the benefits of these products correctly by utilizing the tips that are listed below.

1. Make Promotional Products Creative and Engaging

It is important for you to capture the interest of customers right away when utilizing these products. They need to be creative and memorable to your audienceMake the items free and useful to any potential or current customer, to encourage them to learn more information from you or to refer you to others. Make the focus on these free products.

The right creative promotional products that you give out should also have your branding on them. Your branding represents you or your company, so it is imperative that your logo or brand is front and center on the products you give out. This will draw customers’ eyes in, and it will make them want to learn more about the brand being offered.

2. Make Promotional Products Useful

If your promotional products are useful, your customers will see your brand every time they use the product. This will reinforce the idea of your brand into the customers’ minds. They will only keep the products that are useful as well, often discarding those that they feel that they do not need or will not use.

Make sure that the use is relevant to your target audience. If it is the summer or spring, for instance, consider giving out a free umbrella. If you are trying to appeal to a target audience of working men, consider giving out a tool of some sort. When a customer utilizes the item, you will be advertising your brand to them and to anyone who sees the product in use

3. Use Creative Promotional Products to Enhance Loyalty

Promotional products are a great way to enhance customer loyalty. With loyalty promotions, customers can get even more perks, discounts and free items. This will keep them coming back to your business for more in order to earn loyalty points.

Customers will feel as if they are an exclusive member when they receive these perks and promotional products through loyalty programs. When you keep customers through these programs, you save money in the long run as well. They are also more likely to refer your business and your products to other potential customers they come in contact with as well.

4. Make Promotional Products a Type of Gift

Who does not love a free gift? Gift-giving is a great multicultural method to show appreciation and new relationships, including among businesses and customers. Gifts are a way to say thank you or a way to show your loyalty to someone, often in hopes that the same sense of loyalty will be returned, especially in business.

Giving a gift to someone when first meeting them is experienced in many cultures around the world. A gift in the form of a creative promotional product can be given when you first meet a new customer or potential customer. The gift becomes a hook to bring the customer to your brand and build the business relationship. It will make the customer want to come back for more in the future.

5. Use Promotional Products at Events

Promotional products are not just great for customers, however. You can hand out creative promotional products at events as well, even if it is a corporate event. Potential partners can utilize your items, encouraging their customers and their family and friends to come to your business.

Trade shows and industry conferences encourage interactions between potential customers as well, however. You can pass out promotional products to any customer that walks by your booth or to customers that come to your demonstration. The customer will automatically associate your company with the free promotional products they were given, leaving behind a positive feeling.

Final Thoughts

Promotional products are first off, a great way to gain new customers. Pass out these products at events and conferences, encouraging your business name and brand to enter the minds of others. Make sure your products are creative, useful, and engaging in order to encourage the customer to feel positive about your business. Promotional products are also great for current customers. You can give out these products through loyalty memberships or as gifts. You can also give out the products to potential networking partners to encourage new customer growth. Be sure that you use these products well, however, in order to get the best results.


Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist for Coastal Business Supplies. She regularly produces content for a variety of business and marketing blogs.