Onsite Check-In & Badge Printing​

Deliver an efficient, professional and high-quality experience when checking-in participants. Long lines at the event venue are a thing of the past – with our check-in app you can quickly and effectively register participants.

Onsite Check-In & Badge Printing​ - Illustration

Uncomplicated. Valuable. Worthwhile.


Efficiency and save time

With quick and easy walk-in registration, participants can check-in instantly, reducing wait times and improving their experience.


Data-driven decisions

With real-time data syncing and stats on attendee check-in, stay on top of their event and make informed decisions in real-time.


Attendee experience

Pint high-quality professional-looking badges to create a more professional and organized event experience.


Manpower requirements

The Kiosk Mode feature and customized reports options can help reduce manpower requirements and free up event organizers to focus on delivering the best possible event experience


Feature that you'll love!

The most important event goal is to deliver an outstanding attendee experience. We provide a powerful tool for you to accomplish that. The check-in app syncs automatically with the platform. No coding needed.

Quick & Easy Walk-ins Registration

Revolutionize your event registration with our advanced system, designed to provide a seamless and efficient check-in experience for all attendees. Eliminating long lines and ensuring a stress-free start to your event.

  • Seamless onsite check-in via QR code generated on confirmation e-tickets
  • 3-second check-in with barcode scanning
  • Easy self-service check-in with our event Kiosk
Quick & Easy Walk-ins Registration-Azavista

Instant high quality badge printing

State-of-art badge printing Kiosk to print badges and scan attendee QR codes! Say goodbye to generic, plain name tags and hello to professional, high-quality badges printed on-site as soon as participants arrive:

  • Instant printing for quick and easy check-in
  • Customizable formats to tailor badges to individual attendees
  • Professional-quality badges for a polished and sophisticated event experience
Instant high quality badge printing-Azavista

Real-time data synchronisation

Keep track of attendee check-ins and stay up-to-date with real-time data that's synced across multiple devices.

  • Automatic live updates of attendee data for accurate information
  • Multi-device sync for easy access to attendance data from anywhere
  • Real-time stats on attendee check-in to plan and manage your event effectively
Real-time data synchronisation-Azavista

Customised Reports and Alerts

Stay organized and informed, and make better decisions with the right data at your fingertips with customised reports and alerts:

  • Adjust settings to generate tailored reports, and export them into spreadsheet files.
  • Get notifications when high-priority attendees arrive, enabling you to offer a more personalized experience.
  • Save time and effort with streamlined report generation and real-time event notifications
Customised Reports and Alerts-Azavista

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