Streamline Participant Management

Azavista provides an integrated, real-time view of your event participant list as well as their registration status. By efficiently managing this list, you can carry out tasks faster and have better control over access to different event activities. Plus, with our powerful module, you can manage, segment, and engage participants in one place.

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Keep Track of your Attendees!


Participant Views

Tailor your participant list based on your specific needs and preferences.


Export & Sharing

Export participant lists into a variety of file types and share with stakeholders


Participant database

Keep all attendee information in one place for efficient event management


Participant Editing

Easily modify and update participant details directly from the dashboard.


Feature that you'll love!

Our participant’s management module is at the core solutions of Azavista since it enables you to keep information on anyone that you want to keep track of for your events.

Integrated overview of all participants

Azavista provides a comprehensive attendee management system that includes a fully-integrated database of event participants. Keep track of all relevant information, from personal details and seating to travel and hotel information, all in one place. With the ability to sort and filter participants based on your specific needs, managing your attendees has never been easier.

  • Fully integrated attendee database
  • Track personal and logistical details
  • Sort and filter attendees to fit your needs
Integrated overview of all participants-Azavista

Smooth management of participants

Azavista's participant management system simplifies the process of managing attendee data. From the dashboard, easily access participant details and modify data, including registration selection, payment options, and invoicing details. Add as many participants as needed, either manually or by uploading a file. With just a few clicks, participants can be deleted, exported, and updated.

  • Access participant details from the dashboard
  • Modify registration and payment details
  • Add, delete, export, and update participants easily
Smooth management of participants-Azavista

Customizable and editable list view

View your participant list in a way that suits your needs using Azavista's customizable system. Make quick changes to each participant directly from the list view.

  • Personalize participant list view
  • Quick edits to participant details
Customizable and editable list view-Azavista

Easily export & share your lists

Easily export your participant list with Azavista's versatile export options. Filter participants and select a specific date range to export. Use the list to generate leads or share with stakeholders.

  • Export to a variety of file types
  • Filter participants by criteria
  • Select a specific date range to export
Easily export & share your lists-Azavista

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