Post-event Engagement

Keep the conversation going long after your event has ended and deepen relationships with attendees. With our powerful tools, you can create memorable experiences that keep your brand top of mind and generate valuable leads. Don't let the excitement fizzle out - choose our Post Event Engagement module and keep the momentum going!

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Get the conversation Going after the Event


Surveys and polls

Create specific feedback with fully customizable surveys and polls. Gain attendee insights and improve future events with quick data analysis


Follow-up emails

Engage attendees with personalized follow-up emails using our customizable templates. Provide valuable resources and targeted messages for ongoing connection.

Social media


Increase brand reach and attendee engagement by integrating our platform with your social media channels. Encourage social media sharing for increased brand buzz



Keep attendees engaged long after the event with on-demand access to valuable resources such as recordings and presentations. Use ongoing access to reinforce brand awareness.


Feature that you'll love!

Go beyond participants’ expectations and engage with the leads after the events are done!

Customizable surveys and polls

Gather feedback from your attendees and tailor your future events based on their responses. Our surveys and polls are fully customizable, making it easy to get the information you need.

  • Easily create customized surveys and polls to get specific feedback.
  • Collect attendee opinions and preferences to improve your future events.
  • Quickly analyze survey data to gain insights into attendee satisfaction
Customizable surveys and polls-Azavista

Personalized follow-up emails

Keep attendees engaged and connected with your brand by sending personalized follow-up emails after the event. Our platform allows you to customize email templates and send targeted messages to specific groups of attendees.

  • Customize email templates and send personalized messages to attendees.
  • Encourage attendees to stay connected with your brand after the event.
  • Provide valuable resources and content to attendees through targeted messages
Personalized follow-up emails-Azavista

Social media integration

Keep the conversation going on social media by integrating our platform with your social media channels. Engage with attendees through social media and promote your brand to a wider audience.

  • Increase brand reach by promoting your event on social media.
  • Use our platform to post updates and engage with attendees on social media.
  • Encourage attendees to share their experiences on social media to create buzz around your brand.
Social media integration-Azavista

On-demand content

Provide attendees with on-demand access to event content, such as recordings and presentations. Keep them engaged with your brand long after the event has ended, and give them valuable resources they can use in their daily lives.

  • Give attendees access to event content even after the event has ended.
  • Provide valuable resources that attendees can use in their daily lives.
  • Keep your brand top of mind by providing ongoing access to event content.
On-demand content-Azavista

Lead generation

Generate valuable leads by capturing attendee information through our platform. Our tools make it easy to collect and manage lead data, giving you a valuable resource for future marketing efforts.

  • Capture attendee information to generate valuable leads.
  • Collect and manage lead data in one central location.
  • Use attendee information to inform future marketing efforts.
Lead generation-Azavista

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