Industrial Manufacturing

The Azavista solution can be customized to the specific needs of the manufacturing companies and already delivers its event technology platform to some of the largest organizations globally!

Top Solution For Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies require an elevated amount of logistical planning to execute events. From mass market fashion brands to interior design products to large scale tools for real estate development, farming or mining, bringing audiences together to showcase new products can contribute to a unique set of planning challenges. We understand that and have a robust logistic module that will support bringing all the moving parts together for successful event execution.

  • House all of approved vendors in our supplier management tool creating a central location for catering, venues, rentals, AV partners, etc.
  • Coordinate multiple products and samples to be used for trade show booths and sales meetings.
  • Share vendor contacts within teams and set tasks to make sure that all of your products arrive and are organized for your attendees.
  • Offer lead retrieval included with booth rental for any industry trade show to ensure that all exhibitors get the most out of their rental investment.
  • Leverage the exhibitor app for your company’s annual product showcase or client sales events. The tool can help keep track of which clients expressed interest in a new product or updated design.
  • Avoid having app downloads. All Azavista apps are web based so no need to download another heavy application to your to leverage our technology.
  • Meet the needs of rapidly changing business and regulatory requirement through our dynamic forms feature.
  • Store and organize all permits, forms and other compliance documents all in one place.
  • Capture NDA agreements from attendees at check in to ensure new product details are kept confidential.

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