Azavista Platform

Our 3.0 platform provides an inclusive and user-friendly solution that elevates the MICE industry by covering all needs for event professionals globally, in an end-to-end platform that fits all business necessities. Our cutting-edge technology hosts all the necessary tools for modern-day event planners that work with tight deadlines and a data-driven approach.

Outstanding Support

Reach out to our Customer Success Team on a 24/7 basis via phone, support tickets, or by live chat if you need to ask specific questions, share comments or concerns.​

Professional Onsite Solutions

Provide the best onsite event experience to your attendees with our check-in and badge printing service, event app, and more.

Powerful Marketing Automation

Expand your brand awareness by targeting and connecting with the right participants, at the right time.

Effective Virtual Event Experiences

Ensure that your virtual events offer engagement-driving experiences that extend well-beyond a screen.

Variety of Platform Integrations

Organize your event with the essential platform integrations needed for every stage of the event life cycle.

Deliver impactful events with our integrated Event Management Solution

Flexible modules. Robust functionalities. Secure interface.

Event Workflows

Event organizers can quickly create a variety of workflows for all modules in the platform. Here you can think of participant approval processes, content approvals, event approvals, budget workflows and many more. The workflow module is built in such a way that even complex processes can be created without the need for engineering.

My Events

Create and manage as many different types of events needed, whether it’s a single event, main and sub-event, or an event series - we have it covered. For each event, you can assign teams, create templates, and generate custom reports, all in one central place.

Forms Builder

Whether you are planning a small meeting or a large user conference, Azavista is able to support you with a Form System tailored to your specific needs and requirements. No matter the size or complexity of your events program, you’ll have all the right tools to succeed.

Task & Project Management

Manage your team from only one interface to simplify the logistics and planning process of your event - avoid overwhelming your event planners with endless to-do lists and spreadsheets! Create and assign tasks lists to colleagues, external contacts, follow event progress and keep track of costs, attendance and project progress.

Fields Manager

Our Fields manager module enables planners to define fields that can be included in forms for participants or event planners to fill in. With this module, you have the flexibility to create specific types of fields for different levels, as well as to use fields in multiple channels.

Website Content Management

The right digital experience for your event with a fully branded event website. Leverage our simple but integrated content editing tool with our innovative templates, drag and drop elements, customizable fonts, and colors - or add a custom HTML, CSS or Javascript to promote your event in any way you can imagine.

Participant Management

Monitor and control all your event participants while saving time and improving productivity. Our solution provides an integrated, real-time view of participants, as well as the status of their registration, and any other relevant information that you need. You don’t need to change from the interface to check or edit participant details!

Onsite Check-In & Badge Printing

An essential part of the personal, high-quality event experience is having a fast and smooth quick check-in system. Participants are automatically checked-in by scanning a unique QR code generated for their tickets. Part of this solution is done by having badges automatically created and printed - for one attendee or for the entire guest list.


Our Networking & Event app is not only quick and easy to set up but is also very powerful and fully customizable for your company branding. Improve the impact of your events with the best mobile experience, that provides your attendees with networking opportunities, and the right content before, during, and after your event.


Manage all contacts across past and future events to have the complete history of your participants and organizations. Our module is completely customizable for your organization's specific requirements and allows integration with your CRM
of preference.

Exhibitor App

Allow your exhibitors to gather valuable information about the attendees that visit their stand by scanning the QR code from their badge. Exhibitors will have direct access to their new gathered leads so they can invite them for offside dinners and network events, outside of the official exhibition program.

Email Marketing

Expand your brand awareness by targeting and connecting with the right participants, at the right time. Our Email Marketing Module enables event planners to market their event and run effective email marketing campaigns to promote events. You can use this solution independently of an event!

Engagement App

Ensure the best immersive online experience for attendees with an Engagement App solution for virtual events. With a set of powerful features, our app enables event planners to create impactful events that extend well-beyond a screen. Not only can it be used on desktop and mobile, but also it’s fully customizable!

Virtual Events

Integrate your conferencing platform of choice with our virtual events solution to offer engagement-driving experiences to your attendees! With our integrated solution, event planners can work on their entire online event process in one single place, from the promotion to the execution and the management.

Event Reporting

Azavista collects data from every aspect of the event planning process to provide you with easy to understand insights that make it simple for you to make knowledgeable decisions. Check out the status of key planning variables by running instant online reports, exporting your data and sharing it with other team members.

Event Registrations

Setting up registration forms for participants, speakers, sponsors, approvals and many more is one of the best features of our platform. You can easily use various templates to create new events, it takes just 3 clicks. Also, you can create advanced forms with multiple steps supporting any requirement - no training is needed to realize amazing results.

Program, Session and Track Management

Events programs often have a large variety of dynamics, that’s why you’re enabled to create, manage and schedule different event activities, such as workshops, small seminars, meetings and much more - all within your event. Also, you can make real-time updates, and allow participants to register for their preferred or required sessions.

Supplier Management

Our solution simplifies the process of managing your own event suppliers. As well as sourcing of new suppliers for your event and delivering visibility into total spend. Whether it’s a venue, catering, help or something else - you can source the best option while having more control over the time spent securing the right supplier.

Event Ticketing and Payments

With our event ticketing solution you can easily organize paid events for conferences, trainings and more. This module also allows to add other products as part of the shopping card for your customer. In addition we support various discount codes, multiple currencies. It is also possible to show specific products to specific audiences for example to organize sponsor packages. Finally we offer full flexibility for the payment handler you would like to work with.

Hotel & RoomBlock Management

This module is specifically suitable for events where you manage hotel group bookings for multi-day events. You can customize the allocation with shoulders, pre and post nights for several hotels and manage groups from 10 to 2000 rooms. Participants can select their preferred hotel, room type in the registration form. Upon their registration confirmation our systems automatically updates the roomblock allocation, so you can keep control of your availability.

Travel and Flight Management

With our travel and flight integration solution the Azavista Platform allows you to manage travel to your event destination. Travel of your participants from your various international offices can be organized with our integration into Sabre, Amadeus and TravelPort Galileo. The synced data allows you to plan transfers and logistics. The module supports individual and group travel. And finally it allows to track your expenses for all flights part of your event.

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