Virtual Events

The Azavista virtual events solution offers seamless integration with your preferred conferencing platform. With our powerful tool stack, event planners can work on their entire online event process in one single place, from the promotion to the execution and the management. At the same time, they have the option to utilize our Engagement App, which ensures attendees’ are interacting through features like networking, instant meetings, surveys, quizzes, or polls. Plus, our solution allows event planners to have all their valuable delegates- and attendee data consolidated in our secured Azavista Event CRM!

Create Virtual Events to offer engagement-driving experiences that extend well-beyond a screen!

With a powerful set of features, event planners can ensure that attendees are having unique experiences while staying connected and engaged throughout the virtual event.

Robust interface for participants
and session moderators

With a modern, clean and intuitive interface, participants can do actions such as post questions, answer polls and chat with other participants, while session moderators and/or speakers can approve or decline questions, create multiple types of polls and push content pages to participants, among others!

Powerful integrations with conferencing platforms

Connect your platform of choice with our virtual events solution to get all your applications working together while having a consolidated view of your event structure. By having your tech stack in one place, not only you save time, but also you improve your efficiency.

Interactive features to increase engagement during the event

Allow your attendees to be part of a real-time conversation and keep the hype alive by including interactive elements before, during, and after your virtual event. Azavista offers the option to include an Engagement App in your virtual event to ensure participants are active throughout the entire session.

Azavista is fully Integrated with all Major Conferencing Platforms

  • Connect your platform of choice with our solution to get all your applications working together.
  • Create your virtual event in Azavista – this automatically creates an event in the platform.
  • Invite attendees from across the globe through Azavista to participate in your event.
  • Review sign-ups, declines and responses in Azavista.
  • Measure their attendance with check-in and check-out time.
  • Report on your event success, evaluate engagement, questions and poll response.

A complete tool stack for your Virtual Events

Engagement App

Azavista offers the possibility to include an Engagement App for each virtual event that you organize. This app can be used both on desktop and mobile, and it’s fully customizable to your company’s branding. Depending on your event needs and requirements, you can select the features that you want to have included in the app.

Event Website

Through our Website Content Management Solution, you can seamlessly create a website and promote an event by sharing rich content that keeps potential attendees informed and entices them to register. At the same time, you can easily customize your event website to fit the look and feel of the company or any other event.

Online Registration

Our robust Online Registration Solution allows you to effortlessly set up registration forms for participants, speakers, sponsors, and approvals, in one single place. These forms let people register for the virtual event, submit their preferences, and provide payment information without any trouble. Azavista’s platform ensures a flawless registration experience while increasing event attendance.

Reporting and Analytics

Make the most of your virtual event with our advanced Reporting and Analytics Solution. With the use of real-time dashboards, you can gain valuable insights, make better-informed decisions, and improve the event performance for your upcoming events. Our platform offers all the tools needed to collect meaningful attendee data and better understand revenue opportunities to provide a superior experience to your attendees.

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