6 Unique Corporate Event Ideas

May 22, 20231 min read

1. Visit a Local Producer

Take your team for a fun and educational experience at a local vineyard or brewery – or for a non-alcoholic alternative head to a farm or local market to see where local produce comes from.

2. Arrange a “Family Day”

Plan a carnival or fair for your employees to enjoy with their family. This is a great way to connect their work-life with their family-life.

3. Plan a Company Event for your employees

Plan a classy ball, costume party or even a business lunch for your employees. It is a fun and creative way to get them to relax and socialize – and perhaps even compete for a ‘best costume’ prize!

4. Celebrate the Holidays Together

Since it’s considered the season of giving, plan a Christmas charity event and allow different departments to raise money for homeless shelters or food banks.

5. Plan a Volunteering Activity

Get your team of employees together to volunteer for a cause of their choice. Plan something where your company and its employees can ‘give back’. It’s a worthwhile team-building experience!

6. Break a World Record

This will inspire and motivate your team and allow employees to create a long-lasting legacy for their company. Breaking a world record is quite the achievement – something that you can keep trying each year!