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Elevate virtual events with Azavista's Engagement App. Empower event planners to create immersive and impactful experiences with powerful, fully customizable features that transcend the screen. Delight attendees on desktop and mobile with a unique, branded experience.

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Event Engagement Made Easy


Attendee engagement

Real-time interactions, private conversations, questions, and polls create an immersive event experience, fostering attendee engagement.


Networking opportunities

Direct messaging between participants facilitates better networking opportunities, encouraging deeper connections and meaningful conversations during events.


Content control

The interface allows event planners to manage and approve questions, polls, and newsfeed posts, providing greater control and customization of the event experience.


Insights and reporting

Advanced reporting dashboard offers valuable insights on participant information, questions, polls, etc., aiding informed decision-making for future events, and can be customized for organizational branding.


Feature that you'll love!

Azavista Engagement App provides event planners with a robust platform to engage and interact with participants in real-time. The platform is packed with a variety of features to enhance the virtual event experience.

Robust planning interface for moderators and speakers

Azavista's Engagement App solution provides a robust planning interface that allows event planners to manage and control content posted on the app.

  • Approve, decline or publish questions, polls, and newsfeed posts
  • Access to extensive data collected from all participant and speaker pages
  • Provides great level of control over content posted and used on the app.
Robust planning interface for moderators and speakers-Azavista

Modern and intuitive interface for participants

The app offers a modern, clean, and easy-to-use interface that allows participants to engage with each other and find relevant information with ease.

  • Easy to use interface where participants can find the most relevant information
  • Allows participants to add questions, answer polls, and start private chats - with just a few clicks
  • All participants to view variety of content pages pushed by moderators.
Modern and intuitive interface for participants-Azavista

Provide instant messaging capabilities

The chat functionality enables attendees to interact and engage with each other in real-time, fostering deeper connections and better networking opportunities during events.

  • Real-time chat functionality for instant attendee interaction and engagement.
  • Foster deeper connections and networking opportunities during events.
  • Facilitate seamless communication between attendees to enhance the event experience.
Provide instant messaging capabilities-Azavista

Encourage conversations and interactions with our newsfeed

The Newsfeed section of the app allows participants, speakers, and moderators to post and discuss topics, making it easy for them to share interesting content and socialize with one another.

  • Participants, speakers, and moderators can post and discuss topics
  • The Newsfeed section generates interactive experiences to engage participants
  • Easy for participants to share interesting content and socialize with one another.
Encourage conversations and interactions with our newsfeed-Azavista

Host better Q&A sessions

Azavista's Q&A feature lets participants like questions and decide which ones they would like to discuss, maximizing engagement and interaction.

  • Participants can like questions and decide which questions they’d most like to discuss
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of the Q&A feature
  • Encourages greater engagement from participants.
Host better Q&A sessions-Azavista

Get instant feedback with real-time polling

The app's polling feature allows moderators and speakers to publish different types of polls, with participants being able to answer and see results instantly.

  • Moderators and speakers can publish different types of polls
  • Participants can immediately see the results of the polls they have answered
  • Event planners can later see and export detailed results of each and/or all polls with our interface
Get instant feedback with real-time polling-Azavista

Gain valuable insights with an advanced reporting dashboard

Azavista's reporting section allows planners to create custom reports and gain insights into participant information, the number of questions published, liked, and declined, among others.

  • Select default reports or create custom ones
  • Provide information about participants, the number of questions published, approved, declined, liked, among others
  • Reports can be shared internally, exported, and custom-branded for alignment with organization branding.
Gain valuable insights with an advanced reporting dashboard-Azavista

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