Task & Project Management

Manage your team from only one interface to simplify the logistics and planning process of your event – avoid overwhelming your event planners with endless to-do lists and spreadsheets!

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Plan Your Project And Be On Top Of Your Schedule!


Task Management

Create, assign, and track tasks effortlessly while keeping track of deadlines and progress.



Assign tasks to team members and external contacts, facilitate coordination & collaboration.


Progress Monitoring

Save time and streamline event planning with event templates and easy scheduling.



Get an organized and customized view of all your events with our dashboard.


Feature that you'll love!

From our dashboard, your events team can manage their time and follow colleagues activities. Say goodbye to delayed tasks and hello to better resource administration.

Smart task lists

Save time and increase productivity in event planning with our task management feature. Create new tasks or use templates from past events, set categories, due dates, and priorities.

  • Easily enter and track tasks in your planning workflow.
  • View all tasks under a single event dashboard to stay organized and on track.
  • Assign tasks to team members to ensure everyone knows what needs to be done, by whom and by when
Smart task lists-Azavista

Assign team members

Streamline your event planning process by assigning tasks and sending alerts to those responsible with our comprehensive event management solution.

  • Assign tasks to contacts, both internal and external, such as staff, vendors, and volunteers.
  • Send alerts to those responsible for each task to ensure timely completion.
  • Filter tasks by assigned contact to easily track progress and stay organized.
Assign team members-Azavista

Track progress

Our event management solution offers a comprehensive view of your project's evolution and team member progress. Keep track of overdue tasks and what needs to be done next to stay on track with your event timeline. Coordinate work assignments, meet deadlines, and improve collaboration within your event team.

  • Keep track of project evolution and team member progress in real-time.
  • Meet deadlines and stick to event timelines by monitoring overdue tasks.
  • Improve collaboration within your event team and coordinate work assignments.
Track progress-Azavista

Quick & Easy setup

Easily create new events within minutes by copying previous event templates, including tasks, content, and emails.

  • Save time by using previous event templates to create new events quickly.
  • Copy tasks, content, and emails from previous events to new events in just a few clicks.
  • Create new events within minutes using our easy-to-use event template copying feature.
Quick & Easy setup-Azavista

Event activities monitoring

Our event management solution allows you to stay on top of event progress and keep track of costs, attendance, and other key metrics to measure success. Easily manage multiple events simultaneously with our comprehensive dashboard overview.

  • Stay on top of event progress and track key metrics to measure success.
  • Manage multiple events simultaneously using our comprehensive dashboard overview.
  • Keep track of costs, attendance, and other important metrics to ensure event success.
Event activities monitoring

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