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About Azavista

Being Europe’s cultural melting pot and boasting a rich events agenda, Amsterdam hit the sweet spot for us and is where you find our headquarters. Enjoying the view over the Kostverlorenvaart-canal, our office team provides support, sales demos and new technological applications to our customers. But we aren’t just bound to this one city. Since summer 2018 part of our team has gone remote and it keeps growing that way. Much like our customers and the events we cater to, we are quite a diverse group and spread all over the globe.

Azavista’s roots grew in Amsterdam in 2012 when our two founders, who had been working in the event industry before, spotted inefficiencies in the organization processes. Since then, it’s become our mission to make the jobs of event planners more effortless with great/surpassing software and support.

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This is what you can look forward in our recruitment process:

We only require your CV, you don’t have to write up a cover letter.​

You are asked to prove your skills in a neuro-assessment or a coding challenge (depending on the job) and share some more background info to your CV.

We’re getting to know each other over a video call.

Now is your time to shine and put those Sales techniques/Customer Service skills/ People Ops knowledge to the test in a near-job setting.

This interview digs a little deeper; you tell us about projects at former jobs and what makes you, you.

We contact your former managers to see how we can best help you settle in your new job, and which management style works for you.

You did it! If it’s a fit for both of us, we (virtually) shake hands and welcome you to the team.

We know our Recruitment Process might look long at first. But we have found this to be a tried and true recipe for identifying the new employees that best fit our team and the style of our company. Also, it gives you the chance to discover us and see if we’re a fit for you, too.


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