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Efficiency Unleashed: How Azavista Revolutionized SOI Consortium's Event Management

Efficiency Unleashed: How Azavista Revolutionized SOI Consortium's Event Management

Azavista's platform addressed SOI's challenges, fostering efficiency and independence in event management, allowing a focus on exceptional experiences.

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About the company

SOI (silicon-on-insulator) Industry Consortium is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote and support SOI-based technologies and approaches to the SOI ecosystem. SOI brings companies and entrepreneurs interested in this market into contact with each other and builds competitive platforms.

Part of the strategy is to develop a networking environment and provide educational seminars, workshops and presentations for those interested in the SOI business and technology. Events are important components that support them in getting closer to their goals. They plan and organize several events per year, in different countries around the world, including China, Japan and the US, with approximately 150 to 300 people who are usually high-level managers in the SOI sector.


When managing event projects that require the collaboration of different teams, delays can occur.

Before using the Azavista Platform, SOI organized email and participant registrations through a tool developed by a company that did not specialize in event software. As a result, they needed a lot of time to create website pages and registration forms. In addition, the event management team was not completely independent, because they needed the help of other departments to carry out event tasks.


After discovering Azavista, Iris Rith, the Event Manager at SOI, found the ideal solution for their participant management needs. The Azavista platform offered a range of features, allowing SOI to create customized websites and registration forms without requiring external help. Key solutions included:

User-Friendly Website Creation: Azavista's drag-and-drop editor enabled SOI to create and publish event website pages independently, eliminating the need for external development or design teams.

Streamlined Registration: The platform provided a library of registration templates or the option to create custom templates, simplifying participant registration and management.

SOI quickly implemented the platform, receiving tailored video training and customer support to ensure a smooth transition.

Results and Impact

The implementation of the Azavista platform brought transformative results for SOI Consortium:

Time Efficiency: SOI overcame time management challenges, saving valuable time that was previously spent on event organization.

Independence: The platform allowed SOI to become more self-reliant in managing their event registration processes, reducing the need for external assistance.

Enhanced Focus: With Azavista's support, SOI can now concentrate on delivering exceptional experiences to their event attendees, concentrating on their core mission.

Azavista's platform not only addressed SOI's challenges but also empowered them to be more efficient and independent in their event management efforts, ultimately enabling them to focus on creating exceptional event experiences.

“By using Azavista we are able to create specific websites and registration forms for events without the need for professional help. By independently managing our registration process, we have not only saved a lot of time, but we can also concentrate on the other parts of our events.”

Iris Rith, Event Manager
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