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Azavista + Endress+Hauser

Optimizing Endress+Hauser's Event Management with Azavista

Azavista's event management solution significantly enhanced Endress+Hauser's ability to manage a multitude of global events, fostering efficiency, satisfaction, and continuous improvement.

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About the customer

Endress+Hauser, a global leader in measuring instruments, services, and solutions for industrial process engineering, provides comprehensive process solutions to industries like water and wastewater, power and energy, chemicals, food and beverage, and oil and gas. With a history spanning over 60 years, the company's products and services optimize industrial processes for economic efficiency, safety, and environmental protection.


Endress+Hauser regularly organizes numerous events worldwide, and managing these events efficiently was a formidable challenge. The organization sought a central event platform that could aggregate and process data from all events, ensuring a uniform and user-friendly presentation of information. Before adopting Azavista, Endress+Hauser lacked an event technology solution, which meant event organizers had to navigate multiple tools, resulting in inefficiencies and complexity.

The ultimate goal was to consolidate various tools into one solution, which Azavista offered.


  • Event Planning and Registration Management
  • Event Task and Project Management
  • Integrations


Endress+Hauser recognized that Azavista not only provided event creation capabilities but also facilitated sharing and management in a complex global organization. Azavista's Customer Success Management (CSM) team played a pivotal role in guiding the onboarding process. They provided comprehensive support, including basic and advanced training, in-person workshops, accommodating multilingual events, addressing specific business requirements such as sub-organizations within the main structure, network authentication settings, and strict layout branding, as well as integration planning.

One of the key advantages of the platform was its ability to centralize event data, serving as the "point of truth" for all internal and external events. Endress+Hauser implemented a structured training strategy, with the CSM team training over 100 users to utilize the platform according to their specific needs.


The partnership between Azavista and Endress+Hauser has yielded impressive results:

Efficient Event Management: Azavista's platform streamlined the entire event management process, from setup to participant registration and event reporting. All internal and external events ran smoothly.

User Satisfaction: Endress+Hauser's event teams across Europe, the USA, and Asia expressed high satisfaction with the platform. The centralized event data and seamless experience met their needs.

Valuable Feedback: The collaboration between the two partners also led to valuable feedback and suggestions, resulting in the potential addition of new features and concepts to further improve the solution.

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