Exciting New Partnership Announcement for Azavista & The Next Web Conference 2016!

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TNW-Azavista Partnership-smallerWe are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with TNW conference 2016 to simplify the participant arrival and check-in process for the 20.000 participants who will attend TNW conference 2016 in Amsterdam.

TNW is already organizing the 11th edition of the TNW Conference and they were looking for a robust and stable check-in software application with onsite badge printing hardware to provide the best service and experience for all the participants. Azavista will supply them with the best solution available on the market at the moment. Azavista en TNW have the intention to have a long term partnership over the next years for all the TNW conferences organised globally.

About TNW Conference:
On May 26 & 27 2016, the city of Amsterdam plays host to the 11th annual TNW
TNW Conference is a 2-day technology festival that brings together international technology executives, top-tier investors and promising startups for two days of business, knowledge sharing and the best time you’ve ever had. Over the past 10 editions TNW Conference has grown from a 200-person event to one of the leading technology events, bringing together 20,000 attendees in two days and 3,000 companies from all over the world.

About Azavista:
Azavista event management software solves the long-standing frustrations of corporate event and conference professionals. It is used by well-known organisations such as Accenture, Ricoh, Mazars, AkzoNobel, Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten and many more. The all-in-1 platform makes executing successful events simple and affordable.  Our event management solution improves event experience, streamlines event planning, and provides data-driven reporting.

Our event technology is the result of the successful collaboration of IT and SAAS specialists with a team of travel and event industry professionals. Azavista is a global organization headquartered in Amsterdam. Our multi-lingual teams are composed of experienced professionals who dedicate themselves to supporting our customers and the extended Azavista event community.

Learn more or sign-up for a Demo :  https://www.azavista.com/event-technology/
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New Product Feature

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Multi-lingual Registration Feature
There always is a buzz around a new product or a feature development when it comes to tech start-ups.
Azavista’s service offer is continuously growing and new features are developed daily to serve each client’s needs in the best possible way. Thanks to the hard work of our development team, we can proudly present the new multi-lingual event feature! We now offer event managers and corporate planners the possibility for their event participants to register in a variety of languages, simultaneously for each event.

What it entailsAzavista event app
-The multilingual registration feature allows you to customize the event registration in the languages appropriate for your different participants. The new feature maintains the user-friendly outlook, ability to drag and drop sections and enter your chosen information per language.

-What’s more, the multilingual feature is developed in such a way that once the content per language is entered, it is saved and accessible whenever needed.

-Last but not least, it allows to send emails and replies to participants based on the language selected by the participant.

This allows you to target your audience in a more personalized way, make sure no errors occur due to a language barrier whilst registering, and improve the conversion rate of attendees. In other words, the multi-lingual registration feature allows you to not only improve your event ROI but also event experience for participants, as well as to organize multilingual events based on the data obtained from the participants registration.

Whilst for some event planners this might seem like an unnecessary extra feature, for governmental and international institutions as well as for certain businesses, it is a requirement to have the multilingual registration in place. We listened to the needs of our clients and responded quickly and are now industry leaders by developing the first all-in-one event management platform with a multilingual registration feature.
Mobile, flexible, efficient and now also language wise personalized. We already had our product available in different languages, but now we let the participants on the other side of the screens experience the benefits.

What’s new to come
Azavista is going to present new features more frequently. Information about new features will be announced in April.

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Buyer Persona- Event Management

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The Azavista Team is growing! Our Customer Success and Sales teams have added great new colleagues to help serve our customers. And we also have a new member in the marketing team – me. My name is Annija Eglite and I am the demand generation marketing intern and I am currently busy with multiple projects for Azavista, as well as for my Bachelor’s thesis. Currently I am carrying out buyer persona research with the assistance of my mentor, Shelby Torrence. Shelby has extensive experience in marketing and has conducted buyer persona projects before. This project serves a critical purpose for Azavista. It also serves as the testing phase for my Bachelor’s thesis. The project aims to determine which variables actually affect and drive customer success.

In order to execute the buyer persona research, we are reaching out to our community of event professionals to conduct qualitative interviews. These interviews help us develop a better

Annija Eglite works on the Azavista buyer persona project

Azavista Team Member Annija Eglite

For Azavista, the buyer persona project offers critical insights into: how customers think, how they evaluate options, how they  make their decisions. This enables us to improve many areas including:

  • Helping the Sales team to target engage better
  • Allowing our Customer Success team to understand and work more effectively with event professionals
  • Optimizing Marketing’s outreach to our event community
  • And the last but not least, helping us to continue developing solutions that are most critical for event professionals

Understanding corporate event managers’ processes and challenges ensures that we can work effectively with them in the most efficient way. If we know for example business goals, internal infrastructure, we can help you find the right solutions that best addresses your specific event challenges.

We have so far conducted 10 interviews and the results have been great. Not only have we managed to gain insight into the expectations and criteria of corporate event managers who work very hard to make their events successful, but also understand the kinds of challenges that can be faced moving to an event management platform. Now that we better understand the buyer journey, we can adjust our communication, demos and communication to make the best customer experience.

By the mid-March we will finish the project and we look forward to sharing the results with participants as a thank-you for their time. As many of these event and marketing professionals are working on their own buyer persona projects, it’s a great opportunity to help and learn from each other.

If you are an event professional and would like to participate or know more about the project contact us.


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2016 Event Management Innovations – Survey Report

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Azavista, provider of user-friendly event management solutions, has completed its 2016 survey of corporate event managers and conference planners. The survey identified the key trends and innovations that are driving event management this year. 150 event professionals participated in the survey, sharing their individual perspectives on the state of event management.

According to the Azavista survey “2016 State of Event Management”, 85% of event planners are executing more or the same number of events in 2016 as they did in 2015. Less than 15% expect to have fewer events this year. This speaks to the continued importance of face-to-face events and the value that they consistently bring to companies2016 event management innovations.

“There has been a great deal of discussion about the continued importance of events. Given the availability of online collaboration tools and on-demand content,  there are many alternatives to face-to-face. However, its clear that these tools are supplements that provide great value, not replacements for face-to-face,” noted JP van der Kuijl, Azavista CEO.

The survey also revealed that most event planners – as much as 90% – are still relying heavily on spreadsheet and manual processes that tend to be error-prone. Subsequently, 65% of these event professionals indicated that better tools would help them be better event managers.

As a result of the survey, Azavista has developed a special Kick-Start program to help event managers transition away from manual processes and quickly get up and running with better tools.

About Azavista

Azavista was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is the brainchild of Web and IT specialists, as well as a team of travel and tourism industry professionals. Azavista believes that the future of travel and event planning is evidence-based. The company’s mission is to provide a tool that will help industry professionals around the world make bigger and better decisions. Azavista aims to facilitate travel and event planners in successfully overcoming budgetary and organizational challenges by using technology and data combined.

Press Contact: Shelby Torrence, Azavista, shelby@azavista.com +31 (0)20 8464066


Download Whitepaper FREE


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Event Management trends and needs in 2016

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Azavista 2016 State of Event Management SurveyAzavista recently conducted a survey of corporate event planners and conference managers to find out what challenges and innovations the year 2016 has to offer. We wanted to find out what changes are needed and if there are new trends and improvements impacting event professionals.

Our team is dedicated to supporting event professionals in their drive to meet the demands of their event participants and stakeholders. For me, as a new member of the Azavista team, the survey gives a crucial ice breaker and helps me to create a personal touch with our audience. At the end of the day, I want to see that their needs are met and understand their stories.

We surveyed 150 event professionals within the Azavista community and gained some great insights. It’s great to see so many event managers who have such a desire to continue learning more! There are 3 main topics that stakeholders of Event Management industry are curious to learn more about. These are:
     → Modern event management
     → Event ROI calculations
     → The event experience

Given the great interest in these particular topics, our marketing team is looking forward to taking a closer look at them and to sharing knowledge and expertise throughout  the year.

We are pleased to see that most of the survey participants are planning to do the same number of events or even more than in 2015. This speaks to the great value that face-to-face events provide.  It was also interesting to see that two-thirds of respondents stated a clear need for better planning tools in order to be better event managers. Of course, our team here at Azavista is thrilled that the best innovation in event management in 2015 was the all-in-1 event management platform. Our head of marketing Shelby Torrence has made a great infographic about the outcome of this survey. You can view the the infographic at EventManagement2016  or download the survey report at Report-EventManagement2016

What is the key takeaway?

We hear the message from the event community loud and clear- a platform that has everything in one place is clearly the golden ticket to make this audience happy. In this fast moving and dynamic environment it is crucial to have simple but effective tools to make our events more successful.  The time has come for dynamic, real-time tools which allow us to be mobile and efficient. This is our focus – to help our clients to gain efficiency, flexibility and mobility. You  don’t have to be an IT specialist to be able to run a platform and make it your own tool! I am pleased to be part of a team that understands the needs of the market and am excited to continue learning from our community of event professionals.


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Azavista 2016

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There are a lot of romantic notions about tech start-ups. People see Google, Facebook, and Uber and think starts-up are overnight success. But the reality is that there is a tremendous amount of trial and error, false starts, and disappointments. I’m very proud of our team at Azavista and the way we successfully work through our errors, disappointments, and challenges.
2015 was a great year for Azavista. We’ve laid a solid groundwork that will will continue building on. We grew our customer base by investing in both our Azavista event technologies team workingcustomers and our employees. We built a successful repeatable sales process focused on our customers’ needs. Our focus on customers needs was also demonstrated in the development of  stronger product capabilities and the extension of our platform with many customer requested features such as the planner app and payment module.
We certainly had some trial and error in the development process. Fortunately, we have great customers who provide us with honest and constructive feedback that helps us continue moving in the right direction. We’re also fortunate to have a tenacious development team that works endlessly to provide great solutions to our customers.
For 2016 we are continuing to build on the momentum and will grow even more. Our focus remains on our customers – on providing them with a great user experience and robust capabilities that ensure the success of all their events. Internally, we continue developing and improving our teams so that each (sales/marketing/customer success/development/engineering/administration) performs effectively and productively individually and in collaboration. After customer satisfaction, finding and developing the right talent to grow and complement our organization is one of our biggest priorities.
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Customer Story: ADVA Optical Networking

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Azavista Customer Story: The ADVA Optical Networking JourneyAzavista customer story

The proof of the power of Azavista event technology is our customers.

ADVA Optical Networking is a leading provider of innovative networking solutions that prides itself on building strong relationships with their customers and partners. See how their event team saves time and improves event management with the Azavista event platform.


Read ADVA Customer Story
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Considering jumping on the event app wagon?

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Event apps are hugely popular right now and if you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon you are at least considering it. Modern event managers consider event apps as one of the best new tools available, because they can help streamline event management and provide a better event experience for attendees.

Do event apps live up to the hype?Azavista event app

For busy event managers, it’s difficult to cut through the noise and buzz to determine if there is a real value for their events. If there is a value, how do you make sure you use it well, so it’s a value-add and not a distraction?

There is a clear evidence that event apps provide a value for many different types of events. A MeetingNet report details the varied benefits of event apps, which include reducing printing costs, increasing survey responses, and reducing workload. But there are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  • An event app will not disguise bad event management. For your attendees, the event experience is still mainly about the quality of the speakers and program, the efficiency of the logistics, and (let’s be honest) how good the food and drinks are. A well-done event app can add to a positive event experience, but it can’t make up for a bad one.
  • Not everyone will use the event app. Since I work in IT, most participants of the events I organize are pretty tech-savvy. But even at a tech event, not everyone uses the event app. Maybe their battery is low, or they’re travelling and can’t connect. Maybe the WI-FI at the venue is not very strong. Maybe they don’t have any memory to download an additional app. Or quite possibly, they just don’t want to use the app. There are ways to encourage and improve use of the event app (have charging stations and multiple WI-FI connections available), but also have alternatives outside of the event app.  
  • Like everything else with your event, the event app needs to be well planned. If you have been planning your event for the past 6 months and it’s coming up soon, don’t all of a sudden try to throw an event app in. Wait for your next event, plan how to properly roll it out from the beginning. You need to not only deliver a proper experience for event attendees, but you need to make sure that the event team and your speakers are ready to properly use the app.

How to choose the right event app?

Like all apps, there are many options for an event app. The Event Manager’s Blog has a whole bible dedicated to choosing an event app. At Azavista, we like to make our customers’ lives easier, so we offer an event app as part of our platform. This makes the event app a seamless integration with all other event management efforts.

Whichever event app you choose, be sure to make sure that you have proper training and that you test the integration with your existing system.

If you’d like to take a look at the Azavista event app along with our full event management platform, we invite you to contact us or join us for an upcoming product demo.

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Has Modern Event Management Finally Arrived?

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For most of my marketing career I’ve worked in the high-tech sector, managing events and campaigns for software solutions that help Sales, Support, HR, Operations, and IT teams work more efficiently. It seemed ironic that I spent so much time marketing software solutions that improved productivity for almost everyone except the marketing team. It was an ongoing joke with my colleagues. We felt a bit of jealously at the advance systems and tools available to these other teams. Seeing the robustness and customization options of ERP, CRM, etc. we wanted similar (but less complicated) tools for events and campaigns.

Azavista modern event management

Is it time for modern event management?

Is marketing automation enough?

Then along came marketing automation in the form of Responsys, Eloqua, and HubSpot. These are great tools and we’ve enthusiastically adopted them to take advantage of their ability to improve engagement, lead generation, and reporting. But while these tools are great for digital campaigns, none of them really adequately supports events. Marketing automation is great for email nurturing, website tracking, and social media integration. It can help with some event promotion, but not for organizing and improving event engagement.

Although our buyers and the buying process have become increasingly digital, for most of us B2B marketers, face-to-face is still a critical part of strong relationships with potential buyers and with our customers. Events take up an important part of our time and budget. Now that we have Modern Marketing in the form of automation, isn’t it time for Modern Event Management?

Defining modern event management

At a time when our audience has so many engagement options and increasingly less available time, it’s more challenging to get participants to sign-up for events. We’re constantly trying to do more with less and need a tool that can adequately support us. Modern event management should ideally allow us to:

  • More efficiently manage logistics like venue searches and supplier procurement
  • Track and plan all event details across internal and external resources
  • Drive higher attendance, improving engagement and reporting
  • Quickly and easily create or duplicate registration pages with options for payment, breakout sessions, etc.
  • Manage and report on budgets and ROI
  • Provide analysis (on venue options, event dates, audience reach, etc.) that helps us plan successful events
  • Integrate with existing systems like marketing automation and CRM

Event management technologies, like Azavista’s platform have begun to emerge in the past several years. Some solutions focus on a particular purpose – like an event app or online venue search tools. But true modern event management should be end-to-end.

Just the beginning

At Azavista we are continuously evolving our SAAS platform based on feedback from our customers. We’ve recently improved our event app and added options for paid events. So yes we do believe the time for modern event management has come but we look at it as a path with continuous opportunities for improvement. And we welcome input from event managers and conferences planners on what they consider more critical in an event management platform.


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Event Management: The Need for Integration

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Integrated Event Management White Paper by AzavistaAzavista gathered survey responses from over 300 event planners regarding their relationship with event planning tools and the challenges and obstacles they face in their event planning. The purpose of this survey was to gain insight into the need for integrated event management platforms in the events industry. Also, Azavista wanted to understand which tools event planners are currently using to plan their events as well as the obstacles and challenges they face while planning events and selecting their event planning tools


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