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Azavista Streamlines ADVA Optical Networking's Event Management

Azavista Streamlines ADVA Optical Networking's Event Management

Azavista's user-friendly platform streamlined event management for ADVA Optical Networking, enabling them to focus on building strong relationships with their clients and partners while saving time and resources.

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About the Customer

ADVA Optical Networking, a global leader in telecommunications hardware, software, and services, has a long history of advancing networks through innovative connectivity solutions. With a presence in over twenty countries and 1,500 employees, they prioritize building strong relationships with clients and partners, with their events team playing a crucial role in facilitating these connections.


ADVA Optical Networking's annual "Munich Symposium" is a two-day conference that brings together over 250 participants, including partners and customers from around the world. Organizing this event involves multiple complex components, such as venue bookings, accommodations, transportation, registrations, and managing diverse requirements.

Since the “Munich Symposium” is an event that requires the management of a multitude of different components, the following points were identified as the main challenges:

Fast and efficient creation of an event website with a customized registration form that can be easily updated as the event program develops; Management of registrations and changes; Clear follow-up and reporting of all parts of the event (accommodation, optional workshops, dinners, parking needs, etc.).


ADVA Optical Networking turned to Azavista for an effective solution. With Azavista's intuitive drag-and-drop interface, they effortlessly created professional event websites tailored to their needs. The platform's robust event dashboard provided a real-time overview of registration progress and status. Registration data and changes were easily tracked, and the system offered advanced search and report creation features for exporting data quickly.


Using Azavista delivered substantial benefits to ADVA Optical Networking, including:

Time Savings: The event team estimated that they saved approximately 30% of their time, thanks to the efficiency gained through Azavista.

Easy Accessibility and Collaboration: All team members could track registration progress and instantly access relevant information, promoting streamlined collaboration.

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