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Revolutionizing Event Management for Startupbootcamp

Revolutionizing Event Management: How Azavista Transformed Startupbootcamp's Demo Day

Azavista's event management and check-in solutions played a pivotal role in helping Startupbootcamp maintain its entrepreneurial spirit while achieving a higher level of professionalism and productivity in organizing events, ultimately leading to the success of their Demo Day and other events.

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About the Company

Every year, more and more startups are springing up around the world. People from different locations, cultures and stages of life come together to create something new. They all have something in common: they spread their vision, innovation and achieve enormous growth.

Startupbootcamp is focused on investing and supporting startups to help them scale. They have 15 accelerator programs around the world that have helped 345+ startups get started and raised over €734K each. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present their business to mentors, partners and investors, who will lead 3 months of fundraising and support.

Events are very important in finding the best talent and engaging their audience and as such Startupbootcamp organizes dozens of events every month. The main event they organize is Demo Day where they bring together more than 350 people invested in the startup world to meet the selected startups and see what they have to offer.

Problem Statement

The buzz and excitement surrounding Demo Day is contagious and is an important day for everyone involved. After in-depth mentorship, everyone can see the evolution of the teams and their improvements.

The build-up to demo day involves high pressure, tight schedules and multiple tasks that need to be completed. Before Startupbootcamp started using Azavista, the event organizers worked using Excel. This approach was difficult to scale, led to errors, and was incredibly time consuming.

Startupbootcamp wants to look professional without losing the startup feeling and culture. The check-in had to be structured, organized and technically up to date. To be more productive, save time, and look professional, they needed an integrated event platform to invite, manage, and check-in attendees.

The solution

Azavista's event management and check-in solutions proved to be the answer. Alejandra, the event manager at Startupbootcamp, discovered Azavista's event checklist, which led to the adoption of several essential modules to meet their event goals:

Event Planning & Setup Module: Azavista assisted Startupbootcamp in creating a customized web page and online registration forms, allowing for a seamless participant registration process.

Participant Management Module: The platform enabled Startupbootcamp to automate email responses, track participant statuses, and send hundreds of invitations simultaneously, eliminating manual tasks and reducing the risk of errors.

Check-In App: The check-in process was transformed with Azavista, eliminating queues and impressing participants with professionalism and efficiency. Barcodes expedited the check-in process, enhancing the participant experience.

Azavista's dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) provided support throughout the onboarding process, ensuring that Startupbootcamp's team was well-prepared for their Demo Day event. Additionally, Azavista's marketing and customer service team offered on-site support during the event.

Results and Impact

The impact of Azavista's solutions on Startupbootcamp's Demo Day was profound. The event was executed flawlessly, significantly improving the participant experience and overall event management efficiency. Key results include:

Streamlined Processes: Azavista's platform streamlined and automated event management, reducing the chaos that event managers often face, and allowing Startupbootcamp to focus on more strategic tasks.

Professionalism: The check-in process was remarkably organized, impressing attendees with Startupbootcamp's professionalism. This achievement was vital for maintaining the balance between professionalism and the startup culture that Startupbootcamp sought to preserve.

Enhanced Participant Experience: With no queues during check-in and the use of barcodes, the participant experience was vastly improved. Attendees were met with a smooth, efficient, and professional event that set a high standard for future events.

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