Case Study
Azavista + TNW

How TNW checks in more than 10,000 participants

TNW's event check-in challenges were swiftly resolved by Azavista, resulting in an average check-in time of under 1 minute, even with over 2,000 attendees per hour. This partnership streamlined operations and elevated attendee satisfaction, setting a new standard for efficiency in event management.

Technology, Media and Conferences

Impact Created

  • Average check-in time

    <1 Minute

  • Guests Check-in per hour


  • Guest Checked-In


About TNW

The Next Web (TNW) is a dynamic media company with a four-pronged approach encompassing TNW News, TNW Deals, TNW Conference, and Events. TNW's mission is to empower individuals by bridging the gap between technology and the people who are passionate about it. Their cornerstone events, TNW Amsterdam and TNW NYC, gather a diverse array of over 10,000 entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, CEOs, and policymakers, united by their shared interest in the technological world and innovations.


  • Previous registration supplier used a labor-intensive process involving sticker printing and badge affixing.
  • This outdated approach caused significant delays, resulting in long queues and attendee frustration.
  • TNW aimed to provide a seamless and memorable experience, but the existing check-in process was far from ideal.


A fortuitous meeting at an Accenture event check-in desk between TNW and Azavista opened the door to a transformative solution. Azavista, a leading provider of event management software and on-site check-in solutions, had previously impressed TNW with their efficient services for Accenture. Recognizing the potential of this partnership, TNW swiftly made the decision to implement Azavista's solutions to revolutionize their check-in process.

Azavista responded with remarkable agility, developing a comprehensive logistics plan and executing all necessary arrangements within an astonishingly brief three-week timeframe, a task that typically takes around two months. They also facilitated check-in stations at temporary locations such as Schiphol Airport, Stadsschouwburg, international business hotels, and numerous other sites.

Product Deployed

  • Onsite Check and Badge Printing

Results Achieved

The deployment of Azavista's solutions delivered remarkable results for TNW:

Swift Check-In: The check-in process was drastically accelerated. Even with over 2,000 people checking in per hour during the main event, the average check-in time was impressively reduced to less than 1 minute.

Efficient Logistics: Azavista's support team ensured that each check-in station could be set up and operational within minutes.

Enhanced Attendee Experience: The speed and efficiency of the check-in process left a lasting impression. A press photographer even requested a pause to capture a busier-looking entrance, despite this being the largest TNW Amsterdam event ever. Azavista's solutions facilitated a seamlessly quiet check-in process, improving the overall attendee experience.

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