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Azavista + Insinger Gilissen

Insinger Gilissen Optimizes Events with Azavista

InsingerGilissen, a prominent private bank, leveraged Azavista's event management platform to enhance their event management efforts. They faced the challenge of efficiently handling events post-merger. Despite a tight schedule, Azavista's platform allowed them to successfully manage the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) event. Azavista streamlined event operations, saved time in participant management, provided a professional check-in experience, and empowered participants to register themselves and others.

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About the Customer

Insinger Gilissen, a prominent private bank formed through the merger of Insinger de Beaufort and Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers, has a rich history dating back to 1779 and 1881, respectively. Their mission is to provide innovative financial solutions and exceptional service while guiding clients and future generations in making crucial wealth-related decisions.


Before the merger, Theodoor Gilissen had already adopted the Azavista platform for event management. The primary goals for their events were to enhance customer acquisition and improve customer care and management. They were highly satisfied with the Azavista solution and intended to continue using it for their events.

However, a new challenge emerged post-merger. The newly-formed events team had a tight schedule to complete platform onboarding and training while simultaneously managing their next event, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) in November 2017. This two-day event welcomed approximately 300 participants each day.


Insinger Gilissen, in collaboration with Azavista's customer success team, swiftly devised a plan to commence training as soon as possible. Despite their ongoing event preparations, they successfully executed the IDFA event, fully utilizing all the software's modules.

The core purpose of the Azavista platform was to aid the events team in managing registrations, attendees, and on-site participant check-ins. With Azavista, they automated email communications, simplifying the registration process. Participants were also given the flexibility to register on behalf of others and access the event program without requiring further action from the event manager.


Streamlined Event Operations: Azavista's platform significantly enhanced the efficiency of event planning and management for InsingerGilissen. It simplified the processes of event creation, attendee registration, and on-site check-in, leading to smoother and more organized events.

Time-Saving in Participant Management: With Azavista, Insinger Gilissen's event team experienced time savings when handling participant registrations. The platform's automation and user-friendly features allowed for quick and hassle-free management of registrations, freeing up valuable time for the team to focus on other critical aspects of event planning.

Professional Check-In Experience: Azavista's on-site participant check-in process not only improved efficiency but also added a professional touch to InsingerGilissen's events. Participants could swiftly and smoothly check in, contributing to a positive overall event experience.

Participants Able to Register Themselves and Others: Azavista empowered participants by allowing them to register not only themselves but also others, simplifying the registration process. This flexibility enhanced user experience and made event management more convenient for both attendees and event organizers.

The experience with Azavista was very good, once you get acquainted with the platform it is very easy to use. Everything is set up, work goes quite smoothly. Including that the Customer Success team is wonderful, patient, friendly, attentive and very helpful.

Suzette Sanders, Event Planner
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