Build events the way you like!

Optimize your work by creating and managing as many different types of events needed, whether it’s a single event, main and sub-event, or an event series – we have it covered.

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Centralized place to manage every single aspect related to your event



Centralized event management, achieve consistency, and track performance


Clutter & Cost

Choose the modules you need for each event, reducing clutter and cost.


Event Planning

Save time and streamline event planning with event templates and easy scheduling.



Get an organized and customized view of all your events with our dashboard.


Feature that you'll love!

Using our solution, you’ll be informed on how your event is performing with our advanced reporting on single events and across events.

Revolutionize Your Event Management Experience

Azavista makes event creation and management a breeze. Manage single events, main and sub-events, and event series with ease.

  • Centralized event management
  • Brand consistency across all events
  • Performance tracking and analysis
Revolutionize Your Event Management Experience-Azavista

Tailored Features for Each Event

Optimize your event management by choosing only the modules that meet your requirements with our solution. Focus on the critical aspects of your event without the clutter of unnecessary features.

  • Choose only the required modules for each event
  • Focus on critical aspects of your event
  • Reduce clutter and unnecessary features
Tailored Features for Each Event-Azavista event builder

Save Time with Event Templates

Say goodbye to event planning headaches. Save time and effort with our easy-to-use template feature. Save your recurring or related events as templates for your whole team to access, edit and customize in no time.

  • Streamline the process by using pre-set templates
  • Everyone on the team can access and edit them
  • Saves time and reduces event planning stress
Save Time with Event Templates-Azavista

Effortlessly Schedule Your Events

Streamline event planning and save time by easily connecting main events with sub-events or creating event series with our solution.

  • Connect main events seamlessly with sub-events
  • Create event series with weekly, monthly, or specific date repetitions
  • Adapt to your needs with customizable event options.
Effortlessly Schedule Your Events-Azavista

Customize Your Event Dashboard

Get a comprehensive and personalized overview of all your events with our user-friendly dashboard. Access basic event details, reporting widgets, event settings, and connected teams all in one place. Say goodbye to scattered data and welcome organized insights to help you make informed decisions.

  • Access basic event details
  • View reporting widgets
  • Manage event settings
Customize Your Event Dashboard

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