Attendee Registration Made simple!

Setting up registration forms for participants, speakers, sponsors, approvals and many more is one of the best features of our platform. You can easily use various templates to create new events, it takes just 3 clicks. Also, you can create advanced forms with multiple steps supporting any requirement – no training required.

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Smart. Flexible. Powerful.



Easily build customized registration forms, manage tickets, and automate emails.


Ticketing Options

Set pricing, rules, and conditions for ticket types to collect necessary data.



Enable participants to modify or cancel their registration, synced across the platform.


Translation Support

Set primary and secondary languages, and translations within the platform.


Feature that you'll love!

We designed a customizable registration module that will allow you to save time and enable your attendees to enjoy an effortless registration experience.

Dynamic online event registration system

Build, design and set up registration forms and automatic emails to efficiently manage your participants. Our registration system enables you to design registration forms and effectively manage travel, hotel, badges, certificates, invitation creation, and reporting.

  • Drag and drop registration form builder
  • Custom branding
Dynamic online event registration system-Azavista

Fully customized registration forms

Collect all the data you need by setting up event tickets with multiple pricing options and customizing the fields in your event registration. Create as many ticket types as you’d like, incorporate conditional logic, and auto-assign ticket rules.

  • Rules assigning
  • Conditional logic for answering questions
  • Add as many fields as you need
Fully customized registration forms-Azavista

Self-service registration

Event participants can modify, cancel, and get refunds for their registrations. Each change will automatically be synced in the Participant Management section so event planners can always know what’s happening and when.

  • Registration is easily modifiable by the participant or planner
  • Information synced across the Azavista platform
Self-service registration-Azavista

Waiting lists and capacity management

Set a constraint on the number of participants per event in order to effectively manage event capacity.

  • Constraint on the number of participants per event
  • Automatic stop for additional registrations
Waiting lists and capacity management-Azavista

Multilingual registration

Select primary and secondary languages and set translations within the platform.

  • Choose primary language – you have among 7 options
  • Choose any language as secondary
Multilingual registration-Azavista

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