Case Study: TNW

How TNW registered over 10,000 attendees with a check-in time
under a minute!

No waiting lines | Entry in under a minute | Personalised badges

The results

  • Azavista’s Onsite Support Team delivered the equipment and set up each station within minutes.
  • Even with over 2,000 people per hour entering the event, check-in time was under a minute.
  • At the main event, TNW customers experienced the best service they could get! 

The Challenge

TNW had an unpleasant experience with their registration service during their previous events. Participant’s names had to be printed onto stickers before being stuck onto badges. This led to frustrating delays as thousands of people waited for hours to gain access to the event. 

The entire process was not ideal as they wanted to deliver a remarkable experience to attendees from start to finish.

The solution

A fortunate encounter between TNW and Azavista took place at the check-in desk at an Accenture event where we provided the event management software and onsite check-in solution. TNW was incredibly impressed by the performance of our solutions and the service that we had supplied for Accenture. And then decided that this was a solution that would be right for them.

Within three weeks, Azavista had set up a complete logistics plan and arranged everything needed, in a ramp-up time that normally takes around 2 months. We also made it possible for them to have pre-check-in stations at temporary check-in locations like Schiphol Aiport, Stadsschouwburg, international business hotels, and many more locations.

Company Background




Reduce waiting time



TNW is a future-proof tech media company that focuses on helping people get the most out of technology, by informing them through remarkable stories and insights, and by bringing them together through extraordinary events and workspaces.

Today, the company has four main pillars: TNW News, TNW Deals, TNW Conference and Events, and their new tech hub called TQ and Index (a market intelligence platform).