GraphQL Conf Europe 2019

GraphQL Conf is a non-profit GraphQL conference with speakers from all around the world. During the event you learn about GraphQL best practices from industry experts!


Since 2015 that GraphQL became open source, it has surged in popularity! As GraphQL runs in production at places like Github, Twitter, Yelp, and Facebook, the enthusiasm around GraphQL is accelerating.

Their first conference was in 2017 and had just over 300 attendees. From that point, their numbers have grown over time. Last year, over 500 people attended from stretched far beyond Europe, representing 35 countries!

This year the GraphQL Conf was two days long and it was located in a new venue!

During the conference in Berlin, Azavista provided its Onsite Check-In and Badge Printing solution, which delivered an efficient, professional and high-quality experience when the GraphQL team had to check-in participants.

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